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Tue, 04 Sep 2012
Machines eat waste and dog excrement

Two of the new multipurpose cleaning machines were demonstrated by the OP "Purity". They were delivered yesterday and are provided for maintenance of the pedestrian zone in the center of Plovdiv.

The machines are mounted paddles due to burrowing of snow in winter with wet brush sweeper without plume, a new section to collect feces from dogs and scraps of food - ice cream, sandwiches and similar waste, said company director Ivan Stoyanov.

Presented three weeks ago Danish multifunction machines to come The activation. Experts from Denmark have already trained servicing personnel. Monday graphics and make them go, assured the director.

Also on August 13 began several day training on the latest equipment supplied.

Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Berlin are completely clean of similar machines without using manual labor, said the president of a manufacturing company Ernst-Otto Korvoazie, who arrived from Denmark specifically for today's presentation.

Hybrid machines are purchased with the savings from the optimization of the cost of cleaning and transportation, starting from the beginning of 2012. They are manufactured in Denmark this year and have no analogue in Eastern Europe. The machines are multifunctional - clean snow, digging, watering, mowing. The value of five is about 560 thousand Levs. If the municipality is satisfied, next year will buy more 5-6.

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Wed, 01 Aug 2012
Ice Machine Industry- A New Booming Industry

As the application of ice is not restricted to the food industry any longer, there are a lot more industries where ice can play a vital role in and this also gradually give a boost to the development of ice machine industry. People normally prefer a little bit of ice cubes in their beverages when they have to take drinks that are best served when they are cooled. On the other hand, for a businessman who needs to use giant quantity of ice each day, it is strongly suggested for him to get a ice making machine so he needn't to feel panic when the ice is running out if he just generates ice by employing a refrigerator.

By making use of an ice maker, the business can also be operating very effortlessly. But you still have to get the appropriate ice machine based on your actual demand. For instance, it is recommended for you to use a flake ice machine if you are running a fishery, while ice cube machine or tube ice machine is suitable for beverage shop or restaurant. To acquire to know of the best of ice machines that are in the market you could always get on to the Internet for information.

If you have any question on the ice production, you can also get in touch with the salesman for more info. and a lot of them will answer your questions expertly and patiently to help you receive a better understanding on the ice making machine. You could also ask around from your friends or perhaps even family so as that you may learn about the channels that they bought theirs. You will find in some way their opinions can assist you to prevent a great deal of unneeded mistakes.

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